Friday, April 29, 2011

Ummm....What did you say?

That's exactly what I told the scale this morning when it said I GAINED 6.6lbs! WHAT?! Excuse me?!? You must be mistaken! But alas, after clearing my sleepy eyes, and checking two more times...still a HUGE gain. Lucky for me, I didn't weigh-in at home because after seeing that number, I surely would have crawled right back in bed and said FORGET IT!

I couldn't weigh-in on my usual scale this morning and when I tried to weigh-in on the Wii...the dang batteries were dead and I couldn't find more. So...I headed to the gym like a good little girl and figured I'd use the digital scale they have there. In addition to not weighing in first thing in the morning, not weighing in on my usual scale, a lingering visit from Aunt Flow, and it's associated water retention....I'm really hoping that gain is some CRAZY fluke. (Seems pretty unlikely though.)

Though I wanted to through a tantrum right there in the gym lobby, I calmly collected my things and proceeded to the Interval Madness class I had planned to attend with my friend. I got a good workout in, showered, and headed to work. Leaving the gym I was really feeling like I should go ahead and "earn" that gain by grabbing some tasty breakfast that would be really bad for me!

BUT...I didn't.  (YAY!)

If I'm being honest, I am quite sad. I've been working hard and it's super discouraging to see the opposite of my efforts appear on the scale. But, instead of using that sadness to justify quitting...I'm going to dig in. I'm not giving up. I'm going to hunker down and keep at this. I've been on plan with my exercising, calories, and water but I know there's an explanation for the gain so I'm just going to dig deep into the details until I figure it out.

"Don't trade what you want most, for what you want right now."

Well, this is put up or shut time time, right? It's easy to walk the walk when you're getting the results you want. The big test is sticking to it even when you're not. Well, I'm going to pass this'll se.

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