Monday, April 11, 2011

Gym rat? Eh....

Urban Dictionary: One who spends entirely too much time partaking in muscle building, strength training, cardiovascular, or aerobic activity. Specifically, one who does so at a health club or gym. Often used derrogatorily by people who do not partake in or understand this lifestyle; some self-proclaimed gym rats use the term as a status symbol or for positive reinforcement.

Having recently become a member and exercised in one torturous form or another at my local gym, I was curious what the "urban" definition of gym rat was. I do not claim to be a gym rat nor would I wish to slam those who do but I am extremely interested in the lifestyle.

I have been a member for two weeks now and have managed to get my workout in five days each week and am feeling pretty good. I'm trying to new things, getting out of my comfort zone, and meeting new people - which are, in my book, always good things to do. I signed up at what's turning out to be a popular gym among folks that I work with and friends/acquaintances and it's actually been fun meeting friends to try out new classes, or talking with co-workers about the classes we've tried/instructors we like but my favorite subject is discussing the soreness of newly discovered muscles with friends.

Who knew that knew this new adventure would lead to joys other than weight loss. I like it!

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