Monday, April 18, 2011

Funny thing...

So, I found myself sitting at the kitchen table in peaceful silence (both boys were staying with family). During this silence, I had some time to reflect on a surprising turn of events I noticed.

As it happens, my boys are with family just about every other weekend. We have lots of close by family so they're often staying with this cousin or those grandparents. Typically, on these weekends, I "reward" myself with much needed quiet time watching movies or reading books or even spending some quality time with my hubby. Basically, I spent the weekend doing nothing. Lazing around, relaxing...which isn't all bad except that I wasn't really accomplishing much either. I wasn't getting any activity or really taking care of myself. I was giving my mind a much needed break but I was hurting myself too. I figured, there's no way I can feel refreshed if I'm "busy" all weekend. I have to do nothing if I want to be refreshed for another week of work, right?

Funny thing is...

I had this past Friday off work, and I started the morning off going to the gym and then came home and cleaned the inside and outside of my car (first time since I was 18 I think!). I went inside and took care of some laundry and the next thing I knew it was time for a dinner date with my girlfriends. Saturday I had Zumba at 9:30, had breakfast with my mom, and went home to clean house and finish laundry. Next thing I knew it was time to go to my parents for dinner. Sunday I ran a bunch of errands for a charity project I volunteered for at work.

What I realized is that my weekend was filled with activity and simply accentuated with some quality downtime with friends and family. This realization combined with how I was feeling that Sunday morning...was nothing short of amazing! That morning I felt centered, energized, and refreshed. I didn't feel as though I'd been "running" around all weekend with no time to relax. I felt simply...wonderful!

It's encouraging to realize that by committing to workout regularly and spend less time in front of the T.V. that I wouldn't be giving up my sanity (which is sincerely what I thought would happen) but that I'm actually gaining it. Ironic - to find out that by focusing on my health, I would actually start to feel better! LOL. You'd that would have been obvious enough but wasn't! 

So anyway, I now know that I don't have to miss my old life...there's nothing in the old life that I can't get in my new life and more!

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