Saturday, April 30, 2011

I did it!

Yes folks, I did. I walked 13.2 miles today!  Woo hoo!!! I finished a The Parkway Half Marathon this morning!

My alarm went off at 4:45 this morning and I DID NOT want to get up! I had a million and a half excuses to get my butt back in bed. BUT, I got up, got dressed, ate breakfast, brushed my teeth and hit the road. It was FREEZING on the bike trail but the whistle blew and off we went.

That's my medal!
I was chugging right along until the 8-mile marker when I felt a blister coming. Two miles later, I. WAS. DONE. My feet were killing me, my hips and knees were aching...long story short, I was tired. Seriously, I wanted to quit. Had there been a sign on the road, saying "Quitters exit here" I would have gone. Somehow though, I managed to keep putting one foot in front of the other for the next 3.2 miles.

So, here's to persevering even when you wanna quit. Here's to starting an adventure even when you're scared...especially when you're scared.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Ummm....What did you say?

That's exactly what I told the scale this morning when it said I GAINED 6.6lbs! WHAT?! Excuse me?!? You must be mistaken! But alas, after clearing my sleepy eyes, and checking two more times...still a HUGE gain. Lucky for me, I didn't weigh-in at home because after seeing that number, I surely would have crawled right back in bed and said FORGET IT!

I couldn't weigh-in on my usual scale this morning and when I tried to weigh-in on the Wii...the dang batteries were dead and I couldn't find more. So...I headed to the gym like a good little girl and figured I'd use the digital scale they have there. In addition to not weighing in first thing in the morning, not weighing in on my usual scale, a lingering visit from Aunt Flow, and it's associated water retention....I'm really hoping that gain is some CRAZY fluke. (Seems pretty unlikely though.)

Though I wanted to through a tantrum right there in the gym lobby, I calmly collected my things and proceeded to the Interval Madness class I had planned to attend with my friend. I got a good workout in, showered, and headed to work. Leaving the gym I was really feeling like I should go ahead and "earn" that gain by grabbing some tasty breakfast that would be really bad for me!

BUT...I didn't.  (YAY!)

If I'm being honest, I am quite sad. I've been working hard and it's super discouraging to see the opposite of my efforts appear on the scale. But, instead of using that sadness to justify quitting...I'm going to dig in. I'm not giving up. I'm going to hunker down and keep at this. I've been on plan with my exercising, calories, and water but I know there's an explanation for the gain so I'm just going to dig deep into the details until I figure it out.

"Don't trade what you want most, for what you want right now."

Well, this is put up or shut time time, right? It's easy to walk the walk when you're getting the results you want. The big test is sticking to it even when you're not. Well, I'm going to pass this'll se.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ahh, holidays...

Well, I survived another holiday weekend...barely. I ate WAY too much food and surprised myself by drinking a lot of soda...and not even diet soda. Bleh. BUT, I had a ton of fun visiting and playing cards with my family. Laughing, joking, sharing old memories, and making new ones. It was a complete joy coloring and hunting eggs with the munchkins. This long holiday weekend is now past me, with great memories and I'm back on plan starting yesterday!

So, my official weigh-in day is Friday. As you know, Friday before last I had an amazing whoosh. This past week...not so much. However, I did have a huge NSV so I'll talk about that first. I worked out 7 days last week! Once Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Twice Thursday and Friday! I even tried a new class Friday morning called H20 was a great water aerobics class that was fun and a nice change from the usual routine. I'm proud to have gotten those 7 workouts in. I planned ahead knowing that I would be out of town - and not working out. Yay me!

And now...back to the weight. When I weighed in last Friday, there was no change. Usually, this would have been a huge disappointment but not this time. It didn't bother me this time for several reasons.
1. I made it to the gym so often - one of my initial goals when starting this journey a month ago. How could I be disappointed when I know I made my health a priority??
2. Aunt Flow was due for her monthly visit, literally ANY second! Usually, I have all kinds of water weight gain just before so not having a gain was super exciting!

I jumped right back on plan Monday morning and plan to stay that way all week. I'm not confident I'll see a loss this coming Friday, since I ate so darn much over the holiday but I can live with that. I had a fabulous time and didn't go completely crazy so it's okay with me that I wasn't perfect. Life is all about balance and being perfect is boring!  ;)

After all...
"Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, wine in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming 'WOO HOO! What a ride!'"  ~Author Unknown

Have a great week everyone!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Friends are a funny thing.

So a group of women, that I would technically consider my mom's friends, have all become "gym rats." Though new to the gym rat species myself, this group of women have welcomed me into their circle. I attend different classes with them at least three times a week and then sporadically with some spontaneous class ideas other times. Last night, Nicoll, one of the group, decided to join me for my early morning class. This was great news!

The funny thing about "timing" and "everything happens for a reason" with all this is...

I could not sleep last night! I was up until about 11:30 which is late for me considering I usually go to be at 9pm when I know I have to get up early for the gym. So...I was exhausted when the alarm went off this morning and REALLY wanted to ignore it.

However, since my friend Nicoll was planning to meet me at the gym, I crawled, unwillingly, out of bed, got dressed, and got my behind to the gym.

So thanks Nicoll! If it weren't for you, I'm certain I could have convinced myself to stay home this morning!  ;)

"Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things." ~Author Unknown

Monday, April 18, 2011

Funny thing...

So, I found myself sitting at the kitchen table in peaceful silence (both boys were staying with family). During this silence, I had some time to reflect on a surprising turn of events I noticed.

As it happens, my boys are with family just about every other weekend. We have lots of close by family so they're often staying with this cousin or those grandparents. Typically, on these weekends, I "reward" myself with much needed quiet time watching movies or reading books or even spending some quality time with my hubby. Basically, I spent the weekend doing nothing. Lazing around, relaxing...which isn't all bad except that I wasn't really accomplishing much either. I wasn't getting any activity or really taking care of myself. I was giving my mind a much needed break but I was hurting myself too. I figured, there's no way I can feel refreshed if I'm "busy" all weekend. I have to do nothing if I want to be refreshed for another week of work, right?

Funny thing is...

I had this past Friday off work, and I started the morning off going to the gym and then came home and cleaned the inside and outside of my car (first time since I was 18 I think!). I went inside and took care of some laundry and the next thing I knew it was time for a dinner date with my girlfriends. Saturday I had Zumba at 9:30, had breakfast with my mom, and went home to clean house and finish laundry. Next thing I knew it was time to go to my parents for dinner. Sunday I ran a bunch of errands for a charity project I volunteered for at work.

What I realized is that my weekend was filled with activity and simply accentuated with some quality downtime with friends and family. This realization combined with how I was feeling that Sunday morning...was nothing short of amazing! That morning I felt centered, energized, and refreshed. I didn't feel as though I'd been "running" around all weekend with no time to relax. I felt simply...wonderful!

It's encouraging to realize that by committing to workout regularly and spend less time in front of the T.V. that I wouldn't be giving up my sanity (which is sincerely what I thought would happen) but that I'm actually gaining it. Ironic - to find out that by focusing on my health, I would actually start to feel better! LOL. You'd that would have been obvious enough but wasn't! 

So anyway, I now know that I don't have to miss my old life...there's nothing in the old life that I can't get in my new life and more!

Friday, April 15, 2011


Whoosh is a term I learned on the website titled 3 fat chicks on a diet! or 3FC ( It's a word they use to celebrate a big loss. Well, I had a big whoosh this week. Before I talk about the numbers though, I want to share how exciting this week has been with my non-scale victories.

First, I committed to work out 6 times this week. As of Thursday evening, I had already worked out five times. One time Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and two times Thursday. That in itself, is a huge non-scale victory, regardless of what the scale said this morning. I also snuck in a quick and dirty 30 minute workout this morning and will be attending Zumba Saturday. That a total of seven times!

I committed to stay within my calories each day this week...and did! Another huge non-scale victory!

A member of 3FC shared an excerpt from a book she was reading, which said that the behaviors associated with successful weight loss had already been observed and documented in a study by The National Weight Control Registry. In this study, the participants who had lost 30 lbs or more and kept it off for 5 years or more, had the following behaviors in common:
  • 62% watch less than 10 hours of TV per week.
  • 75% weigh themselves at least once per week.
  • 78% eat breakfast every day.
  • 90% exercise, on average, about 1 hour per day.
  • 94% increased their physical activity, with the most frequently reported form of activity being walking.
  • 98% modified their food intake in some way to lose weight.
I have kinda sorta but not really tried to lose weight before and probably managed to apply two of these six behaviors. However, I was pleasantly surprised to read this and realize that, during the last three weeks, I've managed to incorporate all six! In fact, as I think I mentioned in an early post, my husband and I made the decision to cancel our cable so that we could afford the gym membership - TV for three weeks! (Although I do watch about an hour of a Disney movie each week night with my 2 year old as he settles down for bed.)

So anyway, back to the numbers. I weighed in last week at 281.6 lbs and this morning...

276 even!  That's a loss of 5.6 lbs!

I definitely don't expect this type of loss each week but it's a real kick start for my motivation to help me KNOW, that without a doubt, I am making the right changes this time....the last time. I am already a healthier person than I was three weeks ago.

I sleep better at night.
I wake up feeling...refreshed, each morning.
I have naturally been able to cut out fast food and soda completely!
I can feel my body talking to me in good ways with the gentle ache in my muscles.
I have more energy during the day and certainly more energy when I get home in the evenings.

I know I'll have ups and downs, days when I don't want to work out, days when I really want that not good for me snack. I may succumb to those and that's okay. I'll bounce right back and keep the end goal in mind.

And everyday, I'll work to make good choices. Each little decision is an opportunity for a success.

And I'll remember...

"Don't trade what you want most, for what you want now."  (author unknown)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Gym rat? Eh....

Urban Dictionary: One who spends entirely too much time partaking in muscle building, strength training, cardiovascular, or aerobic activity. Specifically, one who does so at a health club or gym. Often used derrogatorily by people who do not partake in or understand this lifestyle; some self-proclaimed gym rats use the term as a status symbol or for positive reinforcement.

Having recently become a member and exercised in one torturous form or another at my local gym, I was curious what the "urban" definition of gym rat was. I do not claim to be a gym rat nor would I wish to slam those who do but I am extremely interested in the lifestyle.

I have been a member for two weeks now and have managed to get my workout in five days each week and am feeling pretty good. I'm trying to new things, getting out of my comfort zone, and meeting new people - which are, in my book, always good things to do. I signed up at what's turning out to be a popular gym among folks that I work with and friends/acquaintances and it's actually been fun meeting friends to try out new classes, or talking with co-workers about the classes we've tried/instructors we like but my favorite subject is discussing the soreness of newly discovered muscles with friends.

Who knew that knew this new adventure would lead to joys other than weight loss. I like it!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Camping huh? This should be....interesting.

Well, I'm headed out for a family camping trip. I've got plenty of healthy snacking options packed away but I KNOW my parents are bringing loaded of goodies that I would just love to sink my teeth into.

BUT, in addition to my yummy snacks, my husband and I are also taking our bikes. The weather in sunny California is absolutely beautiful today and I know we'll get plenty of activity as well as R&R in this weekend. 

Oh yea, did I mention that we're going with no kids? REALLY looking forward to that!

I'm actually not too worried about the food. My parents did bring lot of yummy stuff but they're going the gym and eating right thing too so I think they bought more out of habit than anything. We're bring cards and I have my kindle and I know a good time will be had by all.

By the way, I will be having a Peppermint Patty and a few roasted marshmallows and YES! I'm going to enjoy every taste!