Friday, January 8, 2010

Day Five (part 2)

Wow! What a night I've had. Who knew that if I just put a little effort in I could exercise and play with my baby. My youngest is 16 months old and playing with him was all the exercise I needed this evening.

I was able to horse around with my little guy, picking him up and throwing him around. That got my arms feeling really good. I ran around with him on the floor crawling, laying, getting back up and then back down again. It didn't take much of that to feel my heart rate rising and cheeks flushing. While I'm looking forward to getting a more specific exercise program in tomorrow, I'm happy that I was happy to find such a happy medium this evening.

I actually think that tonight was good lesson for me to learn. It's not about what you do or when you do it. It's just doing something and finding a way to fit it into your life. Taking time to play with the kids is an amazingly fun way to get some exercise in without having to sacrifice our family time.

So happy with how things are going right now!

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