Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Day Before

Well, tomorrow is the big day. Most of my life, I've forgone the whole "New Years Resolution" thing after quickly realizing at probably 20 that I never follow through with them. This year is different. This year I saw my reflection in a store window - which I understand takes its liberty with our shapes - but even considering that I was not satisfied with the looks of that woman.

What I saw was the face of a fairly young looking woman sitting on top of this extremely round and oddly shaped body sitting on top of two really small ankles. I saw a young woman whose clothes didn't quite fit like they should with various lumps and bumps jutting out at odd angles. I saw a woman who pretty much looked really uncomfortable just casually walking around. I began wondering how my children, coworkers, or friends might describe that woman. One issue that was blazingly clear is that the woman in the store window does not even come close to exuding the confidence, hilarity, sensitivity and intelligence that I feel inside myself.

It was this realization that has prompted my decision to embark on this journey. I will not live two lives any longer. I refuse to allow those around me to see a different person than I truly am. From here on out, my goal is for the reflection in the mirror to match the identity on the inside.

As a way to work through what will undoubtedly be a rough, exciting, long, and hopeful journey, I have decided to create a blog. I hope this blog will serve as a means to gain support from friends, family, and any others on a similar journey, a way to hold myself accountable to the commitment I've made, and a way to sort the thoughts I have about my successes and set backs.

So - with that, I'll post this first blog and ask for anyone that comes across it to share a motivating story, quote, or sentiment. I believe this is important because together everyone achieves more!


R Thigh: 30 1/4"
L Thigh: 29 1/2"
R Arm: 18 1/4"
L Arm: 18"
Bust: 54"
Waist: 55"
Hips: 58 1/2"
Weight: 288 lbs

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