Friday, June 10, 2011

Ummm yea, things are actually good!

So, Weekend #1 of my June On-Plan Weekend Challenge was a success! I lost 1.8 lbs over the weekend - with just a teeny tiny gain Monday morning which was likely just due to some extra sodium on Sunday. I was super active ALL weekend and stayed OP with food and water intake as well. In fact, I did a 5k with my Mom on Sunday. We did the same 5k last year and we knocked five minutes off our time! Yahoo! weekend down, three more to go...

Today is the eve of Weekend #2, which is going to have some fun challenges. I'm going camping. Yikes! Camping has always been my free pass to be lazy and snack...a lot! My schedule always gets a little screwy in that I sleep in and stay up a bit later...and staying up later usually correlates to late night snacks as well.

However, I am an experienced camper so I know what the challenges are and have formulated some strategies to avoid my usual pitfalls. No, this isn't war per se, but I must strategize as though it is!

As such, my battle plans are as follows:
1) Drink ALL my water EVERY day!
2) DO NOT drink my calories!
3) Get at least some activity in.
4) Eat healthy snacks.

One and two are pretty straightforward. For one, I'm bringing my special water cup that I have with me at ALL times these days and my precious MiO water enhancer...since that's the only way I can ever manage to choke down all my water. For two, it's just going to be shear will power. Nothing tastes better than an "ice chest" Pepsi while camping. To be honest, my parents are taking all the food so I'm not sure what they took. If there's no Pepsi, will power will not be needed. If they did, all bets are off!

For three, I'm taking my bike and so did my son. 11 year olds are obviously naturally active so it shouldn't be to hard to get a bike ride or two in each day. The campground is fairly small though so riding around might not be very much fun so we'll just have to see about that one. It's been unseasonably cold this summer so it's definitely not going to be warm enough to swim. The campground is surrounded by a nice forest so maybe we can take a hike.

For the final goal, I'm taking my trusty low calorie popcorn. It's super filling and I don't have to feel bad for eating a whole bag if I need to. I KNOW my parents took a bunch of crap to so I'm also bringing my Kindle - loaded with new books and the afghan I'm crocheting to keep my mind and hands busy. You know...idle hands and all that.

So anyway, as far as the numbers go, I'm down 6.7 lb so far this month, 26.5 lbs total. My next mini goal is to hit 263.2, which is just 2.7 lbs away. Once I hit that, I will have lost 10% of my weight! Wow! I've never lost that much before in my life. I also haven't been below 268 since I got pregnant with my youngest who's now almost three. Good things are happening and I have only myself to thank. I AM doing this! Who knew I could...

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