Friday, May 6, 2011

Mood: Content

You know...we've all had days, weeks, months, years even, when things just weren't quite going well. I've been there myself. And if it weren't for those times, I wonder if we could appreciate how....satisfying it is when everything is just clicking together.

Life is good in the Villarreal household right now. I'm a more fun and engaged mother...just ask my kids. I'm a more fun and engaged'll just have to take my word on this one. ;) I'm a more fun and engaged me! I feel good, inside and out and that's fantastic feeling.

I'm really settling into a good routine for me. I'm on plan with my food, water, and exercise more days than I'm not. And when I'm not, it's not the crazed out of control binging like in the past. It's just simple little indulgences that are usually planned and well worth it! I'm so focused on me that I can hear my body more clearly...and then really listen to what's is saying. I'm learning more about how my body reacts to foods, when they're eaten, what type of exercise and when. I've been able to make adjustments so I continue to feel good about what I'm doing. The crazy part is that I'm realizing I just overall know myself better than I have in.....well, in forever!

So, quick update on the numbers. I'm down 8.6 lbs so far this month! Yahoo! I haven't weighed less than 268 in almost five years! 260's here I come!


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