Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day Thirty-One

Well...that was a pretty rough/scary few weeks off the wagon. I know in my heart and mind that, regardless of how I feel sometime, I am in control of my choices and myself. I tell ya, it's amazing how much like a drug laziness and bad good can be! It was like this constant urge - calling me - and even though I knew my will power would be weakened if I let myself get too hungry...I would always let life distract me from eating regularly. Next thing I know - I'm on way home from work and I'm starving - and somehow I allow myself to convince myself to just stop somewhere and grab something. In addition to not watching my hunger signals, I also got hurt exercising and instead of doing a lighter workout for a few days, I stopped working out and let three days turn to five, then to ten, then to 14.

While all that was disappointing, I'm still focused on achieving my goal. I stumbled but I didn't fall into nothingness. I'm here and still moving forward. I've been focusing back in eating regularly and healthier and getting back to moving my rear end! So, I walked for just over 1.5 miles at home after work today. I'm training to walk in the 3-Day, 60 mile Walk for the Cure for Susan G. Komen. That's quite a bit of walk so I've got to get my self in shape. After 1.5 miles, I started feeling like I was kind of put together wrong. Need to strengthen my back to make sure my spine strays straight and my knees strong. Also, I'll need to get a good pair of walking shoes so my feet are supported but I'll need to buy them soon so they get worn in.

Anyway, I promise I won't wait so long write next time! Smooches!

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