Friday, August 13, 2010

First time making my mileage?

Well, I'm heading out of town this weekend. This seems to be a theme of our summer, which has made walking the "back to backs" very tough. HOWEVER! This weekend will be different. Why you ask? Well you see...This weekend will be different because I HAVE A PLAN!!! (I know. Apparently great people throughout our history have been doing this planning thing but I am just now catching on. I'm slow...what can I say?)

We're (my two boys and I) are leaving this evening to go stay overnight with my grandma. I went to MapMyRun to check out what kind of route I could maybe walk and made a pleasant discovery! My cousin lives just about eight miles from grandma's house (though no river to go over or woods to go through). SO…I've made arrangements for grandma to watch the boys (though I will hopefully be back before the little one wakes and starts raising H. E. Double hockey sticks) and my cousin is going to drive me back.

The good news is that I've actually driven this very route tons of times so I'm very comfortable with it. Secondly, it is on a semi-busy street, which will require extra caution on my part, but is also laden with spots for me to stop to rest and/or refuel. YAY! (Though no stops as nice as this picture and NO. I do not look that good in spandex!)

Next step for me is to "plan" (my word of the day) my 6-mile walk for Sunday morning. We'll likely be at my aunt's house so the good news is that I'll be able to pawn the kids off to a new person for a few hours and take a quick 3-mile and back walk which I'll plan out on MapMyRun later this evening.
Wish me luck everyone! I'm shooting for the stars but SO excited at even a remote possibility of making my miles this week.

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  1. Good luck! It's fun walking in a new town - lots of new things to see.

    ~ Kristen