Thursday, June 10, 2010

Week two and I am NOT feeling blue.

Well, I am on day 11, week two of the 24-week training program posted on the Susan G. Komen website. We're holding steady at three miles, with a quick jump up to four miles this Saturday. I know it's still early but with my fundraising goal just about met (I think I'm $1 short right now but am waiting for some gift matching to come through to make sure) I'm very relieved to be finished with that part of the preparation – at least for the time being. At least now, the "pressure" of fundraising has lowered, allowing me to focus more on my training and fit additional fundraising in where possible. As I see these walks will quickly become longer, I'm really starting to look into the training gear/accessories that I will need to have a more successful and pleasant walking experience. For instance, I REALLY need a nice waist pack to hold my water bottle (or two). I can squeeze a little 16 oz. plastic bottle in my current pack but that just won't cut it for anything much further than three miles. I have walked while holding my water bottle, which was okay but also not realistic for longer walks. Here are the two I'm considering right now, both are pricey so a clear return policy is a must since I have NO idea how they'll feel on my body. Not to mention, I'm a plus size girl and there's no mention of actual inches on the waist strap – just that it's adjustable. These are both Ultimate Direction waist packs. I've read many excellent customer reviews and the website offers pretty much any configuration or style a person could want.

Anyway, like I said there are many things to consider and I just won't know what works for me until I can use it. I've seen several posts about the importance of drinking both water and a sports drink and that we should 1) alternate between water and a sports drink at each pit stop or 2) have both with me. I have no idea which is best or if it's just another personal preference thing...

I also really need to look into some new socks. I've read so many posts about socks and I guess the only consistent piece of advice is to try everything until you find what works. I don't seem to be incredibly prone to blisters but we'll see what happens after 14 miles! LOL – I have begun to feel some minor hot spots on my three miles walks that have my attention. Right now, I'm just happy that I'm able to listen to my body enough to recognize a possible trouble spot before it turns into trouble. I may still try some new socks but I actually think that it might be my shoes or the way I lace them. My foot tends to slide forward when I walk which creates a hot spot right in the center of the ball of my foot. I'm assuming that either I don't have the right shoes for me or that I'm not lacing up properly, although the answer could be behind door three and just be a sock problem. I don't live in a city with a 3-Day so there's only one official outfitter listed on the website. I'm travelling to Arizona for the 3-Day but live in Sacramento, the nearest 3-Day city is San Francisco and a two hour drive (one way) to look at shoes doesn't sounds all that great to me. However, my mom and I participated in a 5k walk just this past Sunday. This was an event sponsored by Fleet Feet, a locally owned and operated running shoe store, that may also be a good option. See the pictures below of my mom and I before the race and after of the finish line.

Not only was this women only 5k a blast to walk in but it also turned me on to another local resources for my walking gear.
Anyhoo, I'm just trucking along here in Sacramento. Enjoying our extended spring weather and walking in the evenings (and thus sleeping in a bit longer) while I still can. I'm pretty sure that will be over this weekend and I will yet again need to set the wicked alarm clock for somewhere around 5:00 or 5:30 to get my walk in before work, hot sun, etc.

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